Spiral Meditation 12am – 2am daily Welcome to the ‘Spiral Radio’ Meditation hour. Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state …

The Repeater

Spirals Repeater show… we bring You past shows and interviews You may have missed… 2am-4am

Spiral Chill

Easy listening tunes to start your Day… with grace and gratitude.. Much LOVE…

Spiral Mornings

Spiral mornings were we bring You a mix of Love, light and laughter , news, interviews and messages from the community… to weekly informational shows

Spiral Days

Spiral days brought to You by our community… this is where You hear amazing sounds, stories, Love and laughter…..

Spiral Drive

“Spiral” drive show where You release the day…

Spiral Dub

Spirals DUB sessions bringing the old and new to create the perfect blend… 8pm -10 Sunday to Thursday

Chakra Nights

Chakra nights coming to you evenings from 10pm – 12… get Connected! Thank you for tuning into The Spiral Chakra Show… The human body has 7 chakras that connect to the body’s …

From the Heart

Bob brings you “From the Heart” show live every Friday night from 6-8pm. Interviews with people from our Nelson community and beyond. All sharing our thoughts on a range of …

Weekend House

Bring your weekend alive with some groovy house tunes from the “Spiral” collection.